Pro-life signs posted outside polling place


CHAMPAIGN — It’s finally Election Day. People all across the country are voting. Turnout has been strong and steady all day.

Locally, there was an issue at one polling place. A “Vote Pro-Life” campaign sign was seen outside Holy Cross Tuesday morning.

The law says campaign signs can’t be within 100 feet of a polling location. Beyond that, it can get complicated. The sign was beyond the 100-feet, but it was on the church’s private property.

Holy Cross leaders requested no campaign signs be posted on their property, so when election judges saw the sign, they removed it and laid it face down, but someone kept putting it back up.

The sign finally was moved a little further down the street, right across from the church. Election officials say that area is beyond their control and they had no business interfering.

A sign at each polling place marks the boundary. No electioneering of any kind can happen within that area. If you see it happening, you should contact an election judge.

Each polling place had steady lines of people casting votes. Election judges say different times of day brought out various numbers of voters.

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