SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Illinois is set to enter the next phase of the reopening plan on Friday, May 14th. That means Governor Pritzker could fully reopen the state in just over a month.

Pritzker announced the state is set to enter the bridge phase on Friday, May 14th. The bridge phase is a 28-day period that the state needs to move through without a spike in cases before Pritzker fully reopens the state. The new phase comes with increased capacity limits for businesses across the board.

If current trends hold, the state could fully reopen on June 11th.

Governor Pritzker announced the bridge phase in early April. At the time, the state needed to vaccinate over 70 percent of the 65 and older population, and have over 20 percent ICU bed capacity available.

The state is well past the vaccination goal. Eighty-five percent of people 65 and older in the state have at least one shot, but a rising number of hospitalizations kept the state from moving forward sooner.