Principal walks empty halls in music video


SULLIVAN, Ill. (WCIA) — Sullivan High School Principal Daniel Allen showed his students how much he misses them and the school days by making a music video.

It was a cover of Green Day’s 2004 hit “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” He switched out the lyrics to reflect his sadness over not having the school open because of COVID-19. The outbreak caused schools all over the state to be temporarily closed and switched over to remote learning.

In one of the video’s scenes, Allen is seen walking through the school’s cafeteria area. He sings, “Look at these empty seats/In the commons where they used to eat/Talking really loud/But somehow they still all make us proud.” The video plays the lyrics while Allen tells invisible students to settle down and lower their voices. He does this while dressed in head-to-toe black, including black eyeliner.

As Allen strums his final glum note, the video fades to black with a message across the screen saying, “We Miss You.”

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