Prescribed burns at parks


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– The City of Champaign got a permit to have two prescribed burns. They were at the Glenn Park and Second Street Detention Basins.

Prescribed burns help regenerate the native plantings and leftover ash is good for the soil. Public Works says the animals they saw moved to safety, and there was no intentional burning of nests or eggs.

“We wanted to let people know it was a prescribed burn, and I don’t know if someone thought it was done maliciously or if someone thought it was arson or something like that, so we wanted to address yes we are aware of it,” said Kris Koester with City of Champaign.

Property owners were notified the burn would happen. The city had staff on site until night to prevent any unwanted spread of fire. They’re reminding people who use the park not to litter.

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