CATLIN, Ill. (WCIA) – Dozens of people of all ages and backgrounds gathered in the Salt Fork High School gym and had a prayer circle Monday night.

They want to make sure Nathan Becraft and his entire family know they’re here for him, and they can’t wait until he’s home.

“If you’re going to get a friend, get a Nate. Simple as that,” Brixton Smith, Becraft’s best friend, said.

“It’s hard, because a piece is missing,” Stacey Rickard, teacher and FFA advisor, said.

Those were the sentiments of the dozens of people who came together for the prayer circle. All of them, telling stories of Becraft, and how great he is. They came together to support each other and lift him and his family up.

Becraft is a Junior at the high school, the Distrcit Vice President for FFA, and a volunteer firefighter.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone like him before. He just wants to learn. He wants to help people,” Dave Ferber, his fire chief, said.

Nearly two weeks ago, Rickard said he randomly suffered a brain aneurysm, was rushed to the hospital and has now gone through two brain surgeries.

His friends, fellow firefighters, classmates and teachers said they miss him.

“The room is very quiet without him, and you just really notice that he’s not there because he just brought a lot of life to the room,”

While the community waits for the next update from the hospital…They’ve been taking care of the family and of each other.

“We’ve all been praying for Nate and we’re here to support his family, and I see all these people here, and to Nate he’s one of those people that he doesn’t have any friends. Everybody that is his friends is his family. So, he’s one of those awesome people. He’s got the largest family I’ve ever seen,” Ferber said.

The community has set up several places you can donate to help. Fairmount Bank and Fire Department or any of the schools in the Salt Fork Distrcit.