Possible changes to minors or majors


EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY — Majors and minors at EIU could be changing.

A meeting with university officials brought up the discussion of ways to cut costs. One of which was taking a look at what majors are being offered.
It’s a group of more than 70 people looking for ways to improve the university. It’s concentrating on things like academics and facilities.
Some of the things that have come out of those are the discussion to consolidate or eliminate certain majors. Those recommendations are for programs such as chemistry, Pre-engineering, Africana studies, Career and Technical education and philosophy.
No action has been taken on moving forward with this. But students say it’s a bit alarming to hear. 
All of the reports will be reviewed by administration. And if they consider deleting a program the president will meet with the department prior to any action being taken.
There were seven reports shared. They are all a part of the Vitalization Project the task force is doing.
President David Glassman says, “We are just in a consideration stage in this and much can change before we would move to any decision of eliminating any program.”

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