Police Wives share concerns at Decatur City Council Meeting in wake of officer being shot at


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– An officer was shot over the weekend in Decatur. He wasn’t hurt, but the women who watch their husbands put their lives on the line every day are demanding change.

They spoke in front of the city council last night. The women said there are several underlying problems that have caused the city to get to this point, like gang activity and a lack of respect for police.

Decatur’s Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe talked with WCIA about the rise in gun violence over the last year. She said she’s also concerned about a lack of respect for authority, which has made it dangerous for everyone, not just officers.

“We hear from citizens, they want something done.” Wolfe said. “They want actions. The wives of these officers want something done and for things to be the way they should be.”

The mayor is encouraging the community to get involved with local outreach groups, and is looking to bring on more police to try and curb the gun violence in the city. But she says it’s going to take cooperation to make that happen.

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