Police warn pet owners to keep dogs contained


MOWEAQUA, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are trying to contain a problem by cracking down on a law several pet owners are not following.

Police have noticed an uptick in reports of peoples’ dogs running around the streets. So now they’re reminding them of the rules and what will happen if they’re broken.

While no people haven’t been hurt, one dog was hurt when another escaped and attacked it. Officials are trying to prevent anything worse from happening in the future.

Down the streets of the village, it’s hard to miss the many dogs hanging out behind fences in backyards. But it’s the dogs running loose that are causing an issue for police and the people in the village. Dana Shuster has noticed the problem that’s become more frequent. She says, “Recently there has been several more posts about dogs frequently being loose and running the neighborhoods.”

Police Chief Roy Maki says it’s becoming a safety hazard and “They’ll end up finding a way out, running around, upsetting residents, scaring children or getting in confrontations with other dogs.” He’s making sure people are aware of the ordinance that outlines the law many pet owners are breaking.

Maki says, “You have to be accountable for your dog. You must keep them contained either by leash or a fenced back yard. On a leash when you walk them. There is a $75 fine that can be upgraded to $150 or more.”

It only costs $2 to register a pet with the city and get a tag that lets police know who it belongs to.

Shuster says, “Keep your dogs safe as well as the people around you. If someone is afraid of an animal your dog could be in jeopardy for their reaction as well.”

Chief Maki says if you get a $75 noncompliance fine, he’s open to waiving it if you come in to register your pet.

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