Police urge UIUC students to stay safe


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are urging University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students to be careful after a man tried following a woman home early Friday morning.

They sent an alert late last night to the campus community.

This isn’t the only case they’re investigating.

Police are also looking into a situation that happened in April. They say the suspect descriptions in both cases are similar.

On April 6th, Champaign police reported one man appeared to be trespassing into a sorority house while students were sunbathing.

It looked like he was trying to take pictures of the students.

“I feel like the university does a good job of making sure that you feel safe,” said Vongai Tizora, a junior at UIUC.

Students say they feel confident about their safety because of UIPD’s communication with the campus community.

“I feel fairly safe on campus especially because we get these alerts and because there’s a lot of transparency with the police department in terms of when such incidents take place, so that’s definitely a good thing to have,” said Tizora.

Tizora says she takes steps to stay safe, especially when walking at night.

“I’d say one thing I like to do is traveling with people especially at night, so I never go out too late and if I am, I’m with somebody,” said Tizora.

Grace Rehayem, a sophomore, is also grateful that police share what’s going on.

“It’s unfortunate but those reports have to be made but I think it just makes everyone more aware and it makes me feel a little more safe knowing that those cases are documented,” said Rehayem.

She says she sticks to areas where there are more people.

“I think the Quad is like pretty well-lit and most streets,” said Rehayem. “I feel comfortable walking down Green Street, especially because there’s so much foot traffic.”

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