Police to make reporting sensitive crime easier for victim


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The University of Illinois Police Department has a new “soft interview room” in hopes of making the reporting of sensitive crimes easier for the victim.

It is different from traditional police interviewing rooms because it softens the environment by adding comfortable chairs, wall decorations, and softer lighting.

Victims can be asked very intimate details of crimes and the police just want to make it comfortable for them.

“We want to really try to make it a little more comfortable, a little more conducive to telling their story,” says Sargent Gene Moore, a UIPD detective and member of the Special Victims Unit.

The new interview room is part of a department remodel that has been underway for about a year.

“It’s important to make them feel like somebody’s listening to them and somebody cares and they are taking them seriously,” Moore said.

A full list of reporting options and sexual misconduct resources is available at wecare.illinois.edu.

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