(NEXSTAR) A 35-year-old Davenport suspect accused of breaking a bullet-proof window in a Davenport bank – along with other damage – is behind bars.

Andrew Forest Jr. faces charges of first-, second- and fourth-degree criminal mischief, court records say. The first two charges are felonies, and the third is a serious misdemeanor.

In an incident about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Forest Jr. destroyed the front glass commercial door of Blue Grass Savings Bank by hitting it with a metal garbage can, arrest affidavits say.

Damage at the bank (photo by Linda Cook.)

He also broke three large commercial windows in the same bank by throwing landscape stones through each of them, “nearly striking people inside,” affidavits say.

He also “damaged a large, purpose-built, bullet-resistant glass window in the bank drive-up by throwing a rock at it,” affidavits say. “All of the windows will need replaced and labor will be needed to secure the bank until necessary repairs can be made.”

(photo by Linda Cook.)

The estimate for the damage, according to the bank manager, is in excess of $10,000, affidavits say.

Forest Jr. also destroyed two double-pane windows at the Java Joint, 2730 W.  Locust St. The cost of repair is estimated to exceed $1,500, affidavits say.

Additionally, he destroyed a window in a roll-up door at MD Auto Clinic, 2808 W. Locust St., by throwing a tire through it. The cost of repair is estimated to be more than $300, affidavits say.

Forest Jr., who is being held  on a total $18,000 bond, is set for a preliminary hearing May 13 in Scott County Court.