ILLINOIS (WCIA)– It might be after the Fourth of July, but the corn is certainly higher than knee-high.

Local law enforcement across central Illinois are cautioning drivers about the potential dangers of not stopping in rural areas, even if there is no stop sign.

Piatt County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Vogelzang said, “You need to come to a complete stop, even slowing down to 20 mph by the time you see the intersection? To clear it, you will not have enough time to react if another car is coming.”

“If they have to drive through the country slow down and make sure intersections are clear, and not just assume or hope that another car is coming,” Jason Brown, Macon County Sheriff’s sergeant.

McLean County Sheriff’s posted on their Facebook page, “Everyone: it is that time of year again where we deal with blind intersections on rural roads due to tall crops. Please remember to travel slowly and stop at all intersections!”

“You cannot afford to ignore the signs. Especially watch out for blind intersections with tall corn.” said Jon Ablee, lieutenant of McLean County Sheriff’s Department. 

He added, “Drive sober or make other travel arrangements.”