SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Another motion has been filed in the murder trial of Earl Moore Jr.

Peggy Finley and Peter Cadigan are two Springfield EMS workers charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of Earl Moore Jr. 

Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright filed a motion in Limine Tuesday that forbids certain statements from Finley, Cadigan, or their lawyers from the preliminary trial to be used in court again.

These statements include the argument that Cadigan and Finley needed to prove their acts caused a strong probability of death. Wright argues it goes against longstanding precedent from past trials because their training showed that their treatment of Moore created “a minimum of a strong probability of great bodily harm to Mr. Moore.”

In December, Springfield Police responded to a 911 call from Moore saying there were people with guns.

Another person in the house told the officers he was experiencing hallucinations from alcohol withdrawal, and the officers called EMS, who transported Moore to the hospital face-down restrained on a stretcher. Moore was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The body camera footage of the three Springfield Police officers has been released.

The motion contains a report from a Springfield police officer on the scene who said Finley called him through Sangamon County Dispatch. She told the dispatch that Moore was in “full arrest” at the hospital and that staff were performing CPR. The motion also states that Finley said if the hospital were to ask him for a statement to tell them that Moore was “responsive” when they arrived at the home Moore was in. 

She also instructed him to tell the hospital Moore was a “different patient” from the time he was picked up to when he made it to the hospital. 

The officer asked for clarification from Finley, but she did not answer. After the phone call, the officer told his supervisor about the nature of the call.

Finley’s lawyer had no comment. Cadigan’s attorney did not return calls to WCIA.

The next court appearance is set for Monday. Finley and Cadigan’s attorneys are also hoping to reduce the bond for their clients at that hearing.