Police planning for new units


New units to help cut down on crime and foster community relationships

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)– Police are making some changes to their operations. The department is planning to start three units to cut down on crime and improve community relationships. They’ve had groups like this before. It ended because they didn’t have enough manpower. Now, they are bringing it back.

They are now in the strategic phase of setting up three special task forces. The first is the “POP” unit. This group police has had before. “What the POP unit is going to do is work with the different issues and challenges that are effecting our citizens of Danville and surrounding areas,” said Danville Chief of Police. The second is for community housing. “Building relationships with residents in public housing units and housing communities across the city,” said Rickey Williams, Mayor of Danville.

The third, “Traffic enforcement and interdiction team. They will deal more with traffic concerns as well as different narcotics issues,” said Yates. “We believe this will also encourage more people to come forward when we are facing issues and when we need some type of information to solve some type of crime that’s happened,” said Williams.

About 4 officers will be in the “POP” unit. Two to three will make up community housing, and one or two will do traffic enforcement. Veteran officers will be trained to take on these roles. They’re hoping these units will make a big difference in improving crime and community relationships. “We would expect within a year of implementing these special units we would like to see a reduction of various types of activity, violent crime, drug activity, gang activity,” said Williams. “It’s specializing our resources to where we can directly impact these challenges to where it makes Danville a better place,” said Yates.

They hope to have this up and running by May or early June of next year.

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