Car crash brings down light post


CHAMPAIGN, Il. (WCIA) — Police say a driver was rushed to the hospital after they hit a light post, uprooting it from the ground.

“I just heard a really loud thud…like an extraordinary loud bang of impact is what it did sound like,” says Champaign resident Elizabeth Montgomery.

That sound turned out to be a startling sight for neighbors near the scene. They looked out to see the truck completely smashed by the light post and debris scattered all over their front lawns.

“It was kind of devastating to watch on the sidelines. I’d just woken up, so I was fuzzy in my brain,” says neighbor Toni Eaton.

The crash happened near Mattis Avenue and Green Street. Police say the driver hit the light post, then drove a bit further taking the light post with them. They ended up all the way down the block.

A crime investigation unit was at the crash site looking into what happened. The driver went to the hospital seriously hurt.

“They were performing CPR for quite a good amount of minutes before the truck pulled up. They didn’t stop as far as I know,” says Eaton.

These neighbors on Mattis say incidents like these are what have them worried about traffic safety on their street.

“We do have an awful lot of people just driving incredibly fast through this intersection…running red lights. It speeds up to 40 here from 35,” says Montgomery.

They say they do not know for sure how fast the driver was going, but they are grateful for how fast help arrived.

“I’m really grateful to the city of Champaign because they really are some very speedy responders here,” says Eaton.

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