Police looking for suspect that stole, wrecked car


URBANA, Ill. — Police are looking for a suspect that stole, wrecked, and abandoned a man’s car all in less than 24 hours.

It happened last night when a family member was borrowing the car while the owner was at work. He wanted to remain anonymous, but says this is something he never thought would happen in his quiet neighborhood. He lives on a dead-end street that does not get much foot traffic.

The car was left running outside around 8PM with the keys in the ignition for just a moment. Someone got inside and drove off with it.

The next day, a woman spotted the car on Fairview and Sunset Drive—just about three miles away from where it was stolen.

The car was wrecked and abandoned. Whoever stole it did enough damage to make the airbags deploy and shatter the windshield.

The man said when police recovered the car, they found out the thief crashed into a parked car, fence, and a tree. He also left a hat and cell phone behind before abandoning it.

Now, the victim is trying to find out how he’s going to be able to get a new car.

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