Police issue scam alert


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are alerting residents of a scam that is hitting the area. Residents are being contacted through a pop-up on their computer, Facebook, or email that says the iCloud account was hacked, the computer has a virus, the social security number was being used fraudulently, or the resident was a winner of a contest.

Police say that when the resident makes contact with the scammer, the individual is very convincing providing employee ID, numbers, and is extremely persistent.

The phone number may also look legitimate. The scammer then states that in order to fix the issue, or for payment for resolving the issue, the resident must provide gift cards or only cash. Please know this is a scam!

If you are contacted by this scam, document the information you have before hanging up/disconnecting and call the Springfield Police Department immediately at 217-788-8311.

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