Police hope to improve communication


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville police and Vermilion County Sheriff’s officers could see improvements to their communication.

The system in place right now has some limitations. If deputies go past a certain area, they have to switch radio channels if they go beyond north on highway 136.

There are also various reception issues that both the sheriff’s office and the police department deal with. If approved, $325,000 could go toward upgrades that would bring them up to 95-percent accuracy.

The current system has various receiving locations for radio signals, but only two transmission locations for the county and one for Danville. That causes limitations for the portable radios, specifically. Under the new system, they’ll have five transmission stations at strategic locations for the Danville Police Department, and they’ll have 12 that operate for the sheriff’s office and the village officers.

The money will come from several sources, including a bond that was approved in 2016 to upgrade certain things in the Public Safety Building.

“If the situation deteriorates, whether it be a criminal matter or a health matter, and they’re trying to provide assistance to the victim, then they would have a problem. They wouldn’t be able to communicate back to the dispatch that we need extra services, as far as ambulance, fire, that type of thing,” said Danville Public Building Commission Executive Director Terry Scott.

The expenses were approved last night at the Public Services Committee meeting. It heads to the full council next week and will also have to be approved by the county.

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