Rantoul, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Currently that’s around 12%, so just trying to increase that number,” Rantoul Chief Deputy Rodney Sullivan said.

That’s the number of women officers throughout the entire nation, but a Champaign County police department wants to try and fix that.

Rantoul is trying to get more women to join its police force. The department signed on to the nationwide 30×30 pledge.

The pledge is a coalition of police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations, all joined together for one goal, to get more women in all ranks of policing across the United States.

The ultimate goal of the program is to get 30% of women in police recruit classes by 2030. Right now, women make up about 14% of the Rantoul Police Department, and they decided to change that.

“We’re just trying to better fit the community diversity that we have and increase our female officers,” Sullivan said,

He went on to say they plan to ramp up recruitment. They said they hope and encourage women to apply. You can give them a call or check out their website.

Speaking of women officers, the Farmer City Police Department posted on its Facebook page that they have a new female officer. Amy Young was sworn in on Friday. She will be attending the part-time police academy in Springfield soon.