URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A central Illinois police department held an event that allowed the community to get face time with officers when they might otherwise not be able to.

U of I Police Department Director of community development and engagement Dementro Powell said, “One of the things we’ve been trying to do is do a lot of outreach and build community with our community members.”

The U of I police department held a Cherries and Berries event to improve their goal of outreach. Other community organizations were at the event.

“We’re partnering with the different people who that are kind of around here that’s including the YMCA. The University of Illinois police department is working with different ROTCs, We have inflatables,” said Powell.

People also enjoyed food trucks, but that wasn’t the main attraction.

Powell said, “One of the biggest events or draws for the day is working with the chez center wounded veterans.”

The Chez center had a dunk tank that cost a dollar per throw. All the money raised will go to help veterans who are going to school at the U of I. They said it’s important for veterans to get the help they need – who might be disabled or simply need a little extra assistance.

Chez Center Director of Higher Education and Recruitment Garrett Anderson said, “We’re giving these services to our student veterans who have sacrificed for our country. Some to limb loss or even the unseen injuries so we’re able to offer these one-of-a-kind services to through higher ed. So they can go on and get those great careers after they leave.” He said, “These guys have given up so much of their lives. Some of them give up to the ultimate sacrifice. Sometimes we help those dependents who lost their loved one.”