CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Last summer, we heard about a lot of these pop-up parties in and around downtown Champaign, but police said these types of gatherings are mobile.

So Sunday one popped up at the Mach 1 on Bloomington Rd. in Champaign.

That’s where 18-year-old Prentiss Jackson was shot several times and killed.

Police said these pop-up parties have led to several shootings the city has seen, but they’re unpredictable…And if they’re happening on private property, the city can’t really do anything.

Unless the police are called.

“It’s depressing. It’s an on going problem,” Tom Bruno, a city councilman said. “They can’t get enough people to be cashiers, let alone be a security force on their gas stations or vacant lot. So it’s a problem.”

And it’s not just Champaign. The Springfield Police Department said they’ve ramped up enforcement efforts because of these pop up parties.

Champaign city leaders and police said you can help. If you see a large gathering in a parking lot, that could be a pop-up party to call police. Police said they need to nip these in the bud before the next shooting happens.