Plants stolen from store


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Someone stole plants that were sitting outside Danville Gardens and this isn’t the first time the store has dealt with thieves.

Security video shows a woman taking plants at the shop. A customer who saw it happen told the owners, but not before the woman took off in her car.

Something similar happened to them recently. Just last month, the owners got a call from police saying someone was stealing at another one of their stores. It doesn’t happen often, but regardless, the owners say it’s frustrating to have someone take things from a business they’ve worked so hard to build.

Nathan and Lisa Campbell have invested a lot of time and sweat equity into their business, planting, growing, and selling the products of their hard work.

Nathan Campbell says, “We have a great customer base here and people are very loyal and trustworthy as a whole. But there are a few people who don’t care.”

Frustration set in when a customer told them what he witnessed. Lisa Campbell says, “He said he just saw a lady up front and she told me those plants were free and we were like what are you talking about?”

They weren’t free. There was no sign indicating that. The woman seen in the security footage outside the shop uprooted five vegetable plants, stashed them in her car, and drove away. The plants weren’t worth much, but what happened left the owners confused.

Nathan campbell says, “It’s not normally something people want to steal. You have to take care of it. You can’t just go resell it.”

The video is too blurry to identify who did this. Lisa Campbell says, “It took a lot of nerve to drive up in broad daylight, yank them out of the pot, and steal them.” Now they’ve posted a sign specifically saying “not for sale.”

Theft has happened a handful of times at their stores. More than $600 worth of hanging flower baskets were ripped off of the exterior walls at their shop in Champaign. While it wasn’t as bad this time around, they’re hoping people won’t take advantage of them again.

The owners say this most recent incident could have been a mistake. Perhaps the person who took the plants really did think they were free. But they want people to know that nothing is free at their store unless there’s a sign saying so.

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