Plant plans expansion


PARIS, Ill. (WCIA) — People living in town could soon have a new opportunity.

A big employer there, Grain Systems Inc. (GSI), is planning an expansion that would add 50 jobs. GSI manufactures steel storage bins, so this would be welding and labor-intensive types of jobs.

The expansion would add 150,000 sq. feet to the campus, but would require building over an existing road and that costs money. So, the city is applying for a community development block grant from the state.

The grant is worth more than $900,000. “Any time you add 50 jobs when you hear about other places that are losing…it’s a good thing for the city of Paris and for the surrounding area.” said Michael Martin, Paris City Administrator. “Perfect economic development to facilitate further change in Paris,” he continued. GSI cannot move forward with the expansion until it gets the block grant.

The city cannot afford to make these infrastructure changes without the money. The city will hear back about the grant in march.

GSI employs about 110 people already. If this grant is not approved, the expansion probably won’t happen.

This expansion would go west of the existing GSI facility. It would be build over Stratton Drive. The two buildings would be attached.

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