Planned Parenthood rejects federal funding


SPRINGFIELD (Ill.) — Governor Pritzker is taking a stand against the Trump Administration.

He — along with Planned Parenthood — said they would rather lose money than adhere to new a new rule about family planning money.

The new rule could make it more difficult for people in central Illinois to get reproductive healthcare.

Title X law pays for family planning healthcare for people who are low income. The federal funding can’t be used to provide abortions. Now if places like Planned Parenthood want the money they can’t even talk about that option with their patients.

“We could not even talk about abortion, even with a patient who asks about it,” Brigid Leahy, Senior Director of Public Policy with Planned Parenthood said. “For example, we have this pamphlet, that discusses your options. I could not even hand this to you.”

President Trump says the new rule will prevent the federal government from subsidizing the abortion industry. Pro-Life legislators agree.

They would rather see the state invest in alternative options rather than abortion. 

“The Governor and the supporters of abortion in Illinois have promised to make Illinois the most progressive the most liberal state when it comes to abortion,” Representative Tim Butler said. “They want us to attract people to the state for abortions. I think that is a wrong headed approach.”

Governor Pritzker says the Trump Administration’s “gag rule” is fundamentally wrong. Planned Parenthood sees this as a direct attack. They anticipated the new rule, and set aside emergency funding. But that will only last so long, and soon, the people in need of these services in places like central Illinois will be the victims. 

“For Title X services, Planned Parenthood is the only provider in Sangamon County,” Leahy said. “There are several counties in central Illinois where we are the only provider for affordable reproductive health care.”

Title X funding is used to provide family planning care to an estimated 4 million women nation-wide. Planned Parenthood provides services to about 40 percent of those patients. 

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