MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Dozens of people, including representatives from Apex Clean Energy, attended Thursday’s meeting awaiting the final decision from the board.

The Goose Creek Wind Farm Project, planned to be located on approximately 20,000 acres of open farmland in rural Piatt County, is a project run by Apex Clean Energy. It is expected to consist up to 50 wind turbines, spaced approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile apart on farmland. 

The Board ultimately voted “no” on the project.

If the project had been approved, the county would have been provided with $5 million if a special use permit was granted. The agreement also required the county to hold current taxing, building permit and other fee requirements steady during construction. Last week, Apex made a final plea for approval, accompanied by a new proposal revenue sharing agreement that indicated revenue could reach up to $10 million.

WCIA spoke to one county board member who voted in favor of the agreement.

“What I saw was an opportunity at some profit sharing, which would have been some extra money for the county that we could have used in lots of other projects,” Michael Beem said.

Most community members in attendance who spoke voiced their opposition.

Governor Pritzker signed a new law in the recent lame duck session. It bars counties from banning the projects. It also prevents any local ordinance from being more restrictive than the new state standards.