People without a home may be stuck in extreme heat coming this weekend


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

“At night they’re more just uncomfortable. Cause the sleeping outside or their on the street,” Warren Charter, a homeless activist based in Champaign, said.

That’s what people without homes will have to endure this weekend as temperatures get hotter. The heat means people without homes will be looking for places to cool down.

Warren Charter says he has a cooler stocked with drinks and towels for those who need them. He has a supply box that he has for people without homes. It includes water, a towel and a spray bottle.

Charter says if you see someone outside in the heat, offer them some conversation and maybe a water or cool rag. He says while people may be able to seek shelter during the day, it gets trickier at night. That’s when they’ll be stuck dealing with the heat and no bed.

“Well most of these guys are pretty street savvy. They’re going to ride the buses, they’re going to go to the mall. It would be nice when they’re sitting out there if business owners see them and maybe show a little grace, invite them in to cool off a little bit,” Charter said.

He says he’s had a cooler stocked on one street in Champaign for about a week. He plans to drive around this weekend offering water.

Since CU at Home is closed for the time being, people in Champaign-Urbana may be struggling to find a place to stay.

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