People in one village have to deal with no running water


Buckley, Ill. (WCIA) —

“We came together in short notice to try to rectify the problem as soon as possible and try to get a solution in hand,” Sheree Stachura, village of Buckley president, said.

Officials are working to get running water back on to four homes in one Central Illinois town. Some people in Buckley have been living without running water for a couple days and they may have to continue this for a while longer.

A water main break caused four homes to lose running water. Stachura says the water main break happened about two days ago. They were able to fix it quickly, but one pipe is causing problems at four homes. They don’t have any running water.

She says they are working to get it fixed. The village president gave people hoses for the time being, but with the cold temperatures, they froze. So they have been working with the people who live in those homes to try and help in other ways.

“I think that everybody coming together, everybody looking at a problem, coming up with a solution together, brainstorming together, and yet still keeping the humanity of each other alive is really important,” Stachura said.

The village president spent her time today talking and bringing water to the people in those impacted homes. She even offered her own home for people to shower in until they fix the water problem.

WCIA spoke to one woman whose house was impacted, and she was not happy. She had to go to Indiana to stay with family so she could take a shower. The pipe should be fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday.

This was impacting homes on North Railroad Street. A lot of the town was also under a boil water notice. That was lifted this morning.

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