People ‘fed-up’ by break-ins


SIDELL, Ill. (WCIA) — People are frustrated by a rash of break-ins at businesses, residences and vehicles.

Multiple people have experienced burglaries and break-ins throughout the past two summers in Sidell. In one incident, Greg Filicsky, the owner of Sidell Grocery said three people were recorded on surveillance breaking into his store to steal cigarettes on June 6. Two were recognized by other people a few weeks later, chased down and held until police could arrive. He said the state’s attorney is now preparing charges to be filed.

Another resident, Corey Bright, said he’s worried tensions could escalate.

“If the law can’t do anything about it, there’s fed-up people ready to take the law into their own hands,” Bright said.

Bright said people broke into his barn and stole several items this summer, but returned the property when he confronted them. He said no one has been charged in that incident yet.

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