SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) – Lines were longer than usual at grocery stores As people were preparing their cabinets for the winter storm.

“Well, I needed to get groceries, was the main thing and before the storm,” Skyler Pierce, a shopper, said.

“It has been a pretty crazy day so far. Lots of customers have come in, which makes sense. They’re trying to get the groceries they need for the next few days so they can hunker down,” Rachel Risley, the co-grocery manager at Salt and Light, said.

While many stores may have experienced a few empty shelves, places like Schnucks and Salt and Light said they were prepared.

“We’ve been to places that are empty, and it’s not their fault. You know, it’s just everyone’s buying up, and we just wanted to let people know you don’t have to go without. We can help you come here and buy us out,” Risley said.

Both places said this isn’t their first storm. So, they knew what to expect, and so did the shoppers.

“It was like this over the holidays too, it’s like more now stuff is out, shelves are empty,” Kendra Peete, a shopper, said.

Peete was actually out shopping for someone else, through a grocery delivery app.

She said more people than ever are asking to get their groceries delivered ahead of the wintry weather.

“I’m continuously running, and running. I’m out of breath, tired,” she said.