PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Paxton celebrated their Fall Gathering and Pumpkin Patch events for the first time on Saturday.

Despite the cold, several people came downtown to have a good time. Paxton Main Street director Donna Pepper said they’ve been planning this event complete with a pancake breakfast, music and bubbles since July. She’s excited to show what has to offer while collecting donations to support Paxton Main Street.

 “I think it goes to show a lot of what the vision is for Paxton going forward,” Pepper said. “As well as the fact that we have the people and the organizations and the passion to actually make them happen. And we want to make Paxton a destination, a day destination for people throughout Central Illinois.”

Money raised will help make more events like this happen. Pepper said it can also help with economic development. As for this one all about pumpkins, you can grab one downtown on weekends until the end of October.