Parkland College starts new COVID checks at their doors


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – About a month ago Governor Pritzker signed an executive order.
That said the COVID-19 vaccine was required for all students, faculty, and staff at Illinois colleges and universities.

Leaders at Parkland College have been working to be in compliance with that order ever since

“Trying to develop a system that first and foremost keeps our campus safe, but maintains access to the campus for our community, students, and staff,” Mike Trame, Vice President of Student Services, said.

So, after weeks of hard work and brainstorming, they’re starting something new.

“That vaccination status or an individual’s COVID testing negative status gets loaded into that app, and that’s what will give a person access to our facilities,” Trame said. “We’ll bring door checkers to the doors, restrict the doors down, access point, and allow folks to still come in, but give them guidance, like hey, you’re ready for when we turn this on for real or no, we’ve got some work to do to trouble shoot some things for ya. But we’ll do that for about a week and then we’ll be ready to fulfill the governors’ mandate next week.”

The process starts Wednesday in a soft launch, and all you have to do is show someone at specific doors an app on your phone.

That app is called “Safer Community”. There you will fill out your personal information, find testing locations, submit your vaccine status, or submit a negative COVID test.

Until you do that, your status will remain orange. Once you are clear and have submitted what you need, the status will change to yellow, indicating you are free to enter the facilities.

Adrianna Ruiz is in her third year at Parkland. She says the process is new, and right now she said she’s a little worried.

“I think that’s going to be a different experience for everybody. It’s definitely going to be a first time experience for me. I would say as long as you come early, then you wouldn’t have any problem getting in your class,” Ruiz said.

Overall, she said she feels Parkland has done a good job keeping everyone safe.

“Yeah, they’re doing the right things I think to prevent COVID,” Ruiz said.

The new process starts Wednesday. School leaders said the first week will be to work out any bugs that happen.

Some doors at the college will be closed to director you to where a check point is. For more information about which areas will be closed and what you need to know, you can visit their website here.

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