CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA) — As many as one in seven moms and one in 10 dads deal with depression and anxiety symptoms during and right after having a child. That’s what one nonprofit wanted people to know in Hessel park on Thursday.

It’s no coincidence that they chose a park, as it is a place where they were more likely to come across new parents who might not know they are feeling out of sorts.

“There’s so many risks of untreated depression and anxiety during pregnancy,” said University of Illinois associate social work professor Karen Tabb Dina. “There’s risk for the baby, such as being born too early or too light. There’s risk for moms, which is increased pain, increased C-sections. Risk for infants after they’re born with failure for cognitive development and then there’s risk of suicide and drug overdose for mom.”

Dina said fewer than six percent of parents with post-partum depression never get diagnosed. People who need help can check out the Perinatal Connect Facebook page.