Parents react to kids ages 5-11 being able to get Covid vaccine


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — “If your kid can get vaccinated, get vaccinated,” Brittany Sanders, mom of an Urbana Middle Schooler, said.

Some parents are encouraging people to vaccinate their kids. The Illinois Department of Health is recommending parents and guardians to sign up to get their kids ages 5 to 11 to get vaccinated. We told you the CDC put out the recommendation yesterday and now schools, counties, and more are pushing out the vaccine.

Urbana School District was planning to have a clinic if the CDC recommended the Pfizer vaccine for children and that has been approved. The school’s next step is a clinic.

“If they get vaccinated I’ll be more secure with picking them up,” Linda Jackson, grandmother of an Urbana student, said.

Kids ages 5 to 11 are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, which is a relief for some parents and grandparents in Urbana.

“I really think that all of them should be vaccinated because they come around grandparents and my husband has a breathing problem, so if I go pick up her, she can give me something and I could take it home to him,” Jackson said. “So all my grandkids need to be vaccinated.”

Linda Jackson always picks up her grandkids from school. She says while she and her husband are vaccinated it was scary knowing their grandkids could pass along the virus. Other parents say they’re happy about the recommendation.

“Its helping us get back to some type of normalcy,” Sanders said. “Kids are in school, they’re around each other all the time, so why not get vaccinated?”

Urbana School District is also offering a vaccination clinic at the high school on Friday for students ages 5-11. Parents and guardians must sign up their student and be present when their child receives the vaccine. They said it’s not mandatory, but an option for families. Some parents are happy to see the district stepping up.

“That’s great. I think that they are a step ahead and on the right mark for being able to provide that for our youth that are 5-11 years old,” Sanders said.

“I think that’s really nice because they can get it all done here,” Jackson said. “They’re here every day anyways right.”

They are excited this is another step to help curb the spread.

“If you can get it done, get it done,” Sanders said. “I think its going to help us get back to normalcy. Normalcy is the key right now and safety. It helps everybody function normally and gives them some type of hope that things will one day get back to normal.”

Not all parents felt this way. We posted information about the article on our Facebook page and had dozens of comments from people not wanting to vaccinate their kids and encouraging others to not vaccine their children.

CBS News also put out a poll in October. 37% of people said they would vaccinate their kids. 26% said maybe and 35% said no. For a look at that article, here’s the link below.

Several other schools in the area are looking at vaccination clinics and similar events. Champaign, Springfield, and Monticello have not announced their dates.

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