Parents contend aide hurt child


ROSSVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A girl’s parents say she was abused by a teacher’s aide, but others say it’s not what happened. Caydence Bryll was 3 when her parents say the aide hurt her. They say they reported what they thought was abuse and nothing was done.

Now they want people to know what they went through. They hope spreading the word will keep it from happening again. They say they waited for the school board to make changes, but nothing was done. Now, they think other people should know what happened in the hopes of keeping it from happening again.

“Whether you meant to or not, the action happened and you caused an injury.”

Most parents trust their child is safe when they send them to school. But, Ross Bryll fears it wasn’t the case for his daughter, Caydence, in February. She was going to Rossville Elementary along with her sister.

“My two kids were holding hands, pretty much as they do every day.”

While the girls were standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, Ross says a teacher’s aide came up and tried to separate them.

“Pried her hands apart, went and picked Caydence up, my 3-year old. At that time, Caydence put her arms straight into the air, she was scared.”

Ross says it left redness around Caydence’s armpits and later turned to bruising.

“It was like, what just, what just happened?”

The couple met with school leaders later that afternoon. A DCFS report says a school leader looked at Caydence’s armpits during the meeting and reported seeing “small, raised bumps, pinkish to red in color,” and stating “it looked like small pimples.”

Superintendent Crystal Johnson says, “We are not at liberty to discuss any issues that involve personnel or students.”

The police department confirmed a report was filed three days later, but when they notified the state’s attorney’s office, they were told there wasn’t enough evidence for criminal charges.

Ross says he knows this may be a losing battle, but he believes someone has to speak up.

“It asks the question, if it didn’t happen for us, how many other times has this happened at this school?”

The report from DCFS states the case was “unfounded.”

Family members of the teacher’s aide says she loves the kids she works with, is good at her job and the accusations are not true.

If you think your child is not being treated they way they should be at school or daycare, there are some things you can do.

An attorney at Bruno Law Offices says, most importantly, document everything. Take pictures of any injuries. Also, record your child talking about what happened as soon as they can. They say sometimes children have trouble remembering something if you wait to long. Lastly, if you really think your child is being abused or harmed, report it to police and the school right away.

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