CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Parents say they are concerned after recent high school fights.

One mom said she has two children at Central High School, one of whom is a freshman and the other, a senior. She said her freshman son is trying to transition from middle to high school, but fights continue to break out in the school.

She said she does not know, as a parent, what can be done but she says it needs to be addressed.

The mother wondered if her child is so worried about what is going on in the hallways, how can he ever be able to focus on learning?

While she said fights were happening at Central, Champaign Police officials said officers responded to altercations at Centennial. They said that on August 23, they responded to a fight outside near the school. During that fight, students involved sprayed pepper spray.

Then on August 27, police were called back to the school for fighting on school grounds.

Champaign Unit 4 School District officials issues the following statement:

Due to the ongoing violence in our community, Unit 4 Schools has experienced isolated incidents. Because of this, we are providing our students with SEL (social-emotional learning) support and Trauma Informed practices as a reassurance.

Additional safety measures include adding more security officers at our campuses. Unit 4 Schools, AGB Investigative Services and the Champaign Police Department continue to collaborate to ensure that necessary safety measures are in place to protect our students and staff.

Stacey Moore, Chief Communications Officer – Champaign Unit 4 School District