GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) – Some parents in the Georgetown-Ridge Farm District are worried about what their kids are being served for lunch. The district said it’s having supply chain issues, but students are still getting a nutritious meal.

It all started with a Facebook post. A picture ended up getting more than 200 comments. The picture has a pancake on a stick, applesauce and milk, the graham cracker was already eaten.

Kasey Hoskins posted it. She has 5 children in the district, and said recently her kids have been complaining about the lunches, and coming home hungry. That’s why she brought the issue to other parents in the community.

“It was really heartbreaking, not even just for my children. I feel really bad for some of the children who really depend on that lunch meal. They might not eat again at home if they’re struggling. So, it really made me upset to think that that was it,” Hoskins said.

The school district responded to the social media post, saying there is a nationwide food shortage because of the pandemic, and that’s what’s causing them to have different meals at lunch.

The superintendent said nearly 60% of what they ordered this week wasn’t available. So, they had to revamp all of the menus, but all requirements were met.

Hoskins said she has several ideas of how the community can step and help. Like a community produce drive to provide students with fresh fruits and veggies.

She plans to meet with the superintendent to talk about those ideas.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Illinois State Board of Education Nutrition Department both know there is a national problem. The USDA said it’s committed to working with state agencies, school food authorities, the food industry, and other stakeholders to help identify and fix the problem.

The district said it’s actively pursuing other food distribution opportunities in East Central Illinois.