Parents and teachers make their voices heard about in school learning


Parents and teachers in Urbana came together to make their voices heard. But in a different way, through a parade, not a protest. Alicia Trezise is a social worker at Urbana high school and wants everyone to be heard.
“We really are behind our district has been doing a very thoughtful job” said, Trezise.”Planning for this impossible task but we needed our voice to be heard”

The rain poured on parents and teachers in Urbana today, but that didn’t stop them from coming together. They held a parade for their movement “Refuse to return”. They believe teachers shouldn’t have to return until there are no cases for 14 days. Keeping kids safe is also a concern for teachers.

“A staff member or a student has been diagnosed with covid and how we spread the news for that with respecting peoples you know privacy” Co-organizer and special education teacher Nate Wahl said it meant a lot to see so many people show up.

“Parents and students that are in these cars show me that there is a level of solidarity with not feeling comfortable to return to school at this time”
Teachers find themselves at a crossroads, feeling unprepared for virtual learning and unsafe with in-person learning. Some of the teachers we spoke with say they hope to see more professional development, then they can feel fully equipped for virtual learning.

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