PANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Pana Police officers said the town is getting a Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP).

In a Facebook post, police said City officials gave the program the green light. Now, they are giving neighbors a rundown of how they can help.

Officers said the NWP is designed to train people on how to recognize and report suspicious activity to police. “This can lead to quicker response by L.E., and also deter criminals due to more people watching and reporting,” police said.

“NWP will establish precincts within each City Ward so volunteers and citizens can focus on the neighborhood you are personally invested in and where you live,” said officers. “We will meet with volunteers in these precincts at the start of NWP, and throughout the year in order to stay on top of activity, provide continual instructions, and see how things are going.”

Additionally, NWP will teach their community the basics of law enforcement. They will also work to improve community between officers and those who they have sworn to protect.

If you wish to volunteer to be part of NWP, send your name and phone number to Pana Police through their Facebook messenger. You can also call Pana PD’s dispatch center. “Volunteers will be designated as contact persons within your neighborhood where intel and information will be provided so you can disseminate to your neighbors.”

The first NWP meeting is expected to be scheduled within a few weeks.