GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — Gibson City officials said overflows of rain and sewage prompted them to create a new water flow system.

It’s all about complying with the Clean Water Project. Wastewater workers said the goal is to stay under four overflows a year. This year, they have more than doubled that amount because of rainfall — and quadrupled it in 2022.

The $30 million will go towards updated pumps with a more than 10-million-gallon capacity. Superintendent Brad Duncan said the current space has been around for 54 years and was only meant to last 25. He added that it’s another reason the upgrades are long overdue. 

“We do have 20 acres roughly south of this plant,” Duncan said. “That’s where the new facility would be located. That’s a potential location. A lot of it would be demolished and the new facility would be activated once construction is completed.”