CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Hearing aids will soon be easier to get for some people who need them.

The Food and Drug Administration has created a new class of hearing aids that will not require a prescription. Under this new rule, people will be able to buy hearing aids without the need of a doctor’s visit.

This could potentially take costs from over $5000 to just $200. They will be available online, over the counter and at some stories.

This new rule comes a year after the FDA’s first proposal. It’s a move to make hearing aids more accessible to the more than 37 million Americans who need them. Right now, only about one-fifth of that population actually has them.

While exams may not be needed, professionals suggest going in to check the seriousness of your hearing loss.

“If you’re going to buy over-the-counter hearing aids because you think it’s going to work for you, then you may really have more of an issue that needs to be dealt with and you don’t even realize it,” said hearing instrument specialist Chuck Alt. “And you want that problem taken care of.”

Alt said that what are available now in stores are mostly sound amplifiers. While they do enhance the volume of your surroundings, they can distort other sounds like speaking and chewing.

Over the counter purchases are expected to begin in the fall. The rule won’t apply to people with more severe cases of hearing loss.