Outreach program offers free meals for people in quarantine


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – The coronavirus can disrupt your entire life if you test positive.

“I was in quarantine for 10 days,” David Murphy, said.

When the pandemic started, Restoration Urban Ministries was hit with a wave of COVID cases.

“We got hit really hard here, and we had our own people in quarantine that didn’t have the opportunity to online shop. They had us,” Angela Worthey, office administration for Restoration Urban Ministries, said.

That’s why they came up with the contactless quarantine food delivery.

“When you’re in quarantine, you can’t get out of the house, but not everyone has the opportunity to online shop, or have friends or family bring stuff to them when they’re in need. We are here to provide that service for those that need it. That don’t have other ways to obtain food when we’re trying to keep the spread of COVID from occurring,” she said.

The boxes are filled with essentials. Like fruits and veggies, water, milk, anything you might need to get you through quarantine.

“We like to do our part to let other people know we are concerned with your comfort and care while you are in quarantine,” Worthey said.

David Murphy was one of those COVID cases, and was grateful for the deliveries he got. Now, they’re expanding their deliveries to anyone in the community who needs help.

“Oh great, this is just a fantastic place, a magical place,” Murphy said.

Murphy said he knows it’s rewarding to help others in the community. Especially, when they’re quarantined at home.

“There’s nothing like taking meals to people and seeing the smile on their face. You just can’t beat it,” he said.

If you or someone you know needs help while in quarantine, you can reach out to Restoration Urban Ministries here 217-355-2662.

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