WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Johnnie Hull is a mother, a guidance counselor, and a photographer. If she’s not molding young minds in the high school she’s capturing what’s going on in our town Westville.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

“Little snapshot in time,” Johnnie Hull said.

For Hull, those words couldn’t be truer. On any given school day you can find her in her office, walking the hallways, or visiting classrooms.

Anything a typical guidance counselor might do, but after school she switches hats.

“I also assist with the yearbook, which started my passion for photography and now I take photos whenever there’s a need and there’s always a need to capture a moment,” she said.

Moments at track meets, graduation ceremonies and everything in between.

“It’s just fun. The kids love it, the parents appreciate it,” she said.

Hull takes her photos and posts them on social media. So parents can have the memories of their kid and the whole town can see what Westville is doing.

“I feel blessed that I have the ability to do it and that people allow me to. So yeah, it’s fun to see the comments at the bottom to see the shares,” Hull said.

It’s something everyone in the community loves to see, but more importantly its something she loves to do.

“I love this town. I love the people in it. I love the district. And the fact that you can go to work doing something you love and then throw your hobby into it. It’s a win-win-win,” she said.

Memories, frozen in time that she made sure to capture.

“it’s just nice to like 20 years later, you go back and you’re like 2 decades seriously, and it feels like yesterday,” she said.

She hopes, when she has come and gone, years from now, the folks in Our Town Westville can look back and remember those little snapshots in time.

“If I can get, you know, in 100 years, I hope people will look at my photos and think, “Do you remember when we did this, or our grandparents talked about the Labor Day parade, and this is what it looked like,” she said.

You can see all of her pictures here.

Hull said she’s going to continue snapping memories for as long as she feels there’s a need, and as long as she can.