Our Town mural showcases talent


BEMENT — Summer is finally here and we are hitting the road once again on the Our Town tour. Our first stop is Bement. One of the places you’ll notice as you drive into town is the pool. Last year, some seniors from Bement High School painted a mural outside. The mayor asked them to find a theme that was fun, fit their village and incorporated things that make them unique. So they made a beach scene with a bulldog and bronco playing volleyball.

“We had 2 or 3 colors or actual wall paint, the white, the blue and the sand, but that was about it,” said Chris Dillow, who graduated from the high school in 2015. “The rest was done with acrylic tempera and sharpies.”

Three students and their teacher did it all in one day, which took about six or seven hours. They say they even stayed after school on the last day to finish it. Students say they had fun making it and they’re proud of how it turned out.   

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