BEMENT — Some Kids to Know in Piatt County are making a difference for other kids in need. The eighth graders helped organize a fundraiser for the Make a Wish foundation and they got lots of kids involved from Our Town Bement.

They came up with the idea to put together a spirit week at school. Students could wear different outfits — like crazy colors or superhero costumes — if they brought a donation. The eighth graders were in charge of keeping track of the money and getting the younger kids excited. They say they were happy to help.

“The whole school got involved, so we all came together as one and helped someone’s wish come true,” said Shelby Strack.

“It teaches kids they need to be responsible and helpful and not be selfish,” said Ellie Shonkwiler. “They actually get to help kids that could be their age or they could be older.”

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade got involved. They raised $1,466 for Make a Wish. One student even brought in his entire piggy bank to donate.