Our Town gym owner inspires clients to get fit


BEMENT — If you’re not quite ready for swimsuit season, you’re in luck. A gym in Our Town can help you get in shape. It’s called Bootcamp. Even though there are fewer people there than you might expect in a traditional class,  the owner says that’s one of the best parts about it. Blake Shonkwiler says the fitness bug bit him after he gained a few extra pounds in college.

“I got heavy when I went to ISU, a lot of takeout, a lot of extracurriculars, not enough working out,” said Shonkwiler. “Came back home, went on a dude’s trip down to the Smoky’s, went on a hike and about killed me so I decided to lose the weight. I dropped about 40 pounds in two months.”

Shonkwiler started by training out of his parent’s garage. Now he’s set up downtown. His clients do a lot of body weight exercises and circuits. People go to classes there in the morning or evening. He says people come there from all around central Illinois.

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