Our Town business is just “perfect!”


MOWEAQUA — A woman from Our Town wasn’t sure she wanted to own a business, but out of the blue, it happened. She’s the owner of Perfectly Picked.

The shop has a little of everything. She goes out to estate sales and auctions to find things to buy. Then, she either restores them or puts them up for sale.

She says older things have always interested her since she was little. She’s glad she can share that passion with those in her community. A little shop with a lot to offer: This is Perfectly Picked.

“A little bit of this, a little bit of that.”

You can find it downtown, but Shawn Conlin never thought this would be the final product.

“I wanted to open for one weekend only, for Christmas on Main. Friends of mine owned a building and I said, ‘I have some craft things I’d like to sell. Could I borrow your building for the weekend?'”

That one weekend quickly turned into owning a store; something she says wasn’t originally her intention.

“I don’t know that I really did. It just kind of evolved. It kind of happened. It’s kind of in my blood and, like I said, I never dreamed I would open a shop, but it’s actually turned out to be a fun thing.”

Inside the shop, there are trinkets and treasures galore; anything from antique furniture to house decor. Conlin’s “picked” it up at some point.

“I can keep my prices low enough because I’m not having to live off this.”

But, not everything is a Conlin find. She also has local artists bring in items they make to sell.

“The best part is the people that I meet. People come up with stories and they love to talk and that’s probably the best part.”

She often refers to it as Grandma’s Attic. You’re sure to find a thing or two in this shop.

Conlin is also adding the Perfect Place next door. It will be a space people can rent for parties and events. It’s located in a former hotel.

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