URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — First responders were honored at OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center this weekend as they celebrated those who helped save the life of Lester Lindsey, a man who suffered a cardiac arrest last month.

The awards signified that heroes can be anywhere, at any time – even at a lunch break, when a call to action arises.

A month after collapsing from cardiac arrest, Lindsey and the first responders who saved his life were honored at OSF Hospital in Urbana. Shannon Walter, the Good Samaritan credited with saving his life, performed CPR until first responders came. The memories of that fateful day are still clear.

“I remember driving there, and my heart was racing, and there was a lot of adrenaline. But the minute I pulled up and I saw his cousin pulling him out of the car, it was like my training took over, and my adrenaline took over.”

Walter is a CPR instructor. She rushed over to Lindsey following a notification from the app “Pulse Point.” OSF Dr. Kurt Bloomstrand said the app was a life-saver.

“So this is what shows you why Pulse Point is so important and why community and bystander CPR is so important,” Bloomstrand said. “Because at this moment, because of what Shannon did with performing CPR immediately, it saved his life.”

Where most consider her to be a hero, Walter said she simply did what she was trained for.

“I’m just a regular person who happens to know CPR, and I was in the right place at the right time. And I think that if anything, I hope this story can encourage people to get certified and to not be afraid to act in the event of an emergency,” Walter said.

Walter and all the first responders were celebrated for their parts in saving Lester’s life. They were given Heart Hero Recognition Awards. Walter was just grateful to help out.

“My heart is just very full today and so thankful for the outcome that we had with Lester, and that I was able to be a small part of that.”

As for Lindsey, he was given a Pulse Point Survivor Coin to mark the day that proved the community stands together.

“Very emotional. They saved my life. This is a good facility,” Lindsey said. “I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. It’s really nice now. Very nice people. I’m glad to be here, and my family is, too.”