URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – National Doctor’s Day highlights the work they do every day to help their communities.

Doctors are responsible for our health and well-being and it’s a job they take seriously. OSF Dr. Ash Al-Dadah said that serving others is what keeps them going in this industry.

“You sacrifice a lot from your personal life in order to help out others in the most desperate need. It is very rewarding how patients actually trust us with their lives,” Al-Dadah said.

But sometimes that work can be overwhelming. Covid, RSV and other viruses have impacted the health industry over the last few years. Al-Dadah said it was difficult to navigate.

“I don’t think we were equipped with enough in-depth knowledge on how to counter it. And there was a lot of fear and uncertainty,” Al-Dadah said.

Dr. Scott Cook is another physician who enjoys what he does and his journey had a humble beginning.

“I started out as an orderly and then scrub tech in the operating room,” Cook said. “That was the early days of open-heart surgery and I found that fascinating.”

Thirty-five years later Cook is still doing what he loves. He advises all to do the same and not just settle for one position.

“Respiratory therapy, nursing, to perfusion, to radiologic technicians or lab techs,” Cook said. “There’s a large number of jobs in the healthcare industry and you should look at that and not look at the term provider.”