Organization collecting backpacks for foster children


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A non-profit organization that serves Champaign County is collecting backpacks for children in foster care. “Our goal is to support children and families in the foster care system, children being placed in a new home, foster parents who are taking on a new child with little to no notice,” said Jenette Jurczyk, The Family Room.

“They are often moved with just a couple hours notice into a household that may not be prepared with everything they could possibly need,” said Mary Wakefield, The Family Room. They’re creating home care kits to help them through that transition.

“A backpack is typically filled with two to three days worth of clothing, some hygiene supplies, comfort items to help bring some joy to the children during this really uncomfortable time. We’ve been working with DCFS and the agencies in our community supporting them by providing these items,” said Jurczyk, “These social care workers are tasked with helping these children find a safe place, and these parents are tasked with taking on these children and giving them a safe and caring home. That transition, that moment right there is one of the most traumatic moments for these children.”

However, they say they’re glad to know they’re making an impact. “It is such a great experience. It’s really rewarding to be able to give back to a group that is often underserved, overlooked,” said Wakefield.

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