CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — May 19th, 2021. The day Champaign Police Officer Chris Oberheim responded to a domestic violence call at three in the morning. A day that would soon be the Oberheim’s family’s worst nightmare played out. 

He went to an apartment complex at the 3200 block of North Neil Street. Oberheim and another officer approached the man who was causing the disturbance. That is when the suspect shot at both officers killing Oberheim.  

It was a devastating time for the family, the entire force, and the community.   

The entire community stepped up to support the family. They put up flags across Monticello, lined the streets for his processional, attended his funeral, and added his name to memorials honoring heroes, across Central Illinois.  

Officer Oberheim was one of 472 officers who died in the line of duty across the country in 2021, and one of 14 in the state of Illinois.